Some problems can wait, but a cracked foundation isn't one of them!

If your home is a victim of a cracked foundation, Buchman's Foundation Repair, LLC can quickly and accurately diagnose the underlying problem. Once we’ve identified the cause, we’ll work with you to develop an estimate for a permanent and lasting repair.

Buchman's Foundation Repair, LLC is a full service foundation repair company that services both residential and commercial structures in the greater Kansas City, MO area and surrounding communities.

We are a residential and commercial foundation repair company that has been repairing structures for nearly three decades. Our quality workmanship has earned us a reputation as one of Kansas City's premiere contractors. We specialize in complete foundation repair.

Untreated structural problems can devastate property values – often lowering them by as much as $10,000 to $20,000. And it can make selling your house next to impossible. Even if your home isn’t on the market, it’s vitally important to repair existing foundation problems. Structural issues may lead to further damage, like cracks in your fireplace and broken ceramic tiles -- leaving you to deal with time consuming and costly cosmetic repairs.

Call Buchman's Foundation Repair, LLC at 816-741-6137 to discuss your concerns about your home's foundation. We are more than happy to talk with you on the phone, and to schedule an appointment. We will come to your home or property and personally evaluate its condition, and point out any and all areas we feel warrant repair, and will provide you with an estimate in writing.

Comments from our customers ...

“Just want you to know how much we appreciate the effort you put into this job. I know I can rest assured.”

                                                                      J. McAlister

“It is such a pleasure to meet someone so honest.”
                                                                     G. Evans

“Thank you for a great job!”
                                                                     R. Weissen

“After getting several bids we decided to give it a try for ourselves. You were the one who gave us the ideas and basically showed the best way. Thank you so much.”
                                                                    M. O’Herr